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Wistful Sound Gazers singer, songwriter Ron Christopher embraces the band name he chose for his first release in 1999 and he remembers the occasional bemused look. Today, Wistful Sound Gazers continues to define Ron’s belief that music has been his way of cataloging life’s stages: searching, finding purpose, and ultimately, freedom.

While working as a sessions vocalist and background singer in Philadelphia, the songs that would become Wistful Sound Gazers debut resulted from Ron’s departure from the pop RnB ballads that helped him score his first demo deal with a Philly recording studio. After passing on a development deal with a connected Atlanta based entertainment company, he began recording songs that continued his penchant for layering vocals with mid-tempo electronic music, incorporating coffeehouse style guitar into his arrangements. The result was revealed on the release Bliss. The 1999 EP included contributions from Brett Kull and Paul Ramsey of progressive rock band Echolyn.

Push, an inspired track from Bliss was a favorite of bloggers and review sites. picked up the track under the TruSonic company, an early entry into what has become today’s streaming and ‘on demand’ services.

On 2008’s re-do of a Tommy James & The Shondells’ classic, Wistful Sound Gazers’ Crimson & Clover delved further into the rock, RnB mash up.  

2010 saw another entry, the Christmas single Lite Up The Tree. Since release, the soundtrack version has seen seasonal rotation on digital services, including Amazon and iTunes. After his intro to country on 2011’s single, Gonna Get To You, Ron’s latest, Wishful Is What Wistful Does marks WSG’s first Christian Contemporary release, as well as his first video for the song You Will Need.